GOOD MORNING – swarms of angels | “Glued” party colleagues

Not that Britain would be in chaos without the Queen – but protocol stipulates that Charles, the eternal heir to the throne, will officially assume the regency today and be proclaimed the new king – a day and a half after the death of his mother Elizabeth II. A death that moves the world – or as some newspapers put it, about whom the whole world is crying. It’s not that dramatic, but everyone is talking about the incomparable monarch who wore the crown for an incredible 70 years. In the “Krone” we also report today on ten pages about Elizabeth II and Charles III. Yesterday he appeared with his Camilla in front of Buckingham Palace, where thousands of mourners provided a huge sea of ​​flowers to commemorate the Queen. Charles III mingled with the people there before he spoke to them via TV in the evening. He thanked his “dear Mama” for her “love and devotion to our family and to the family of nations”. And emotionally he wished Elizabeth: “May swarms of angels sing you to rest.” How will the Britons meet the new king? Several authors and connoisseurs analyze this in the “Krone” today. Political scientist Melanie Sully, who lives in Austria, assumes that Charles will be more politically active than his mother. Charles had enough time to prepare for his new position.

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