Grupo Gilinski launches a new takeover bid for up to 32.5% of Grupo Argos at US$4.08 each share

Jaime Gilinski advances in his strategy of filtering the shareholding castling of Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño (GEA). Although he already completes a 30.8% stake in Grupo Nutresa and 34.5% in Grupo Sura, now the businessman from Cali launches a new bet for between 26% and 32.5% of the outstanding shares of the Group Argus. The purchase price for each paper will be US$4.08 or $16,527 according to tomorrow’s Representative Market Rate (TRM).

Nugil SAS, the same company owned by the businessman from Cali who entered the list of the main partners of the multilatin food company, is the one behind this purchase intention, which must be approved by the Financial Superintendence of Colombia (SFC ) to be carried out.

The Financial Superintendence of Colombia (SFC) ordered the suspension of the ordinary action, until the day following the publication of the offer notice; and the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC) confirmed that the bank guarantee project has already been filed.

The disbursement would range between US$697.6 million and $872 million, while in local currency between $2.82 billion and $3.53 billion.

With this proposal, a new chapter opens within the corporate strategy of the businessman, who began his chess game on November 11, 2021, when the SFC ordered to suspend the listing of the shares of said issuer on the BVC. Weeks later, he doubled his bet and presented a new acquisition intention on Grupo Sura.

On January 12 of this year, the takeover bid acceptance period ended and the buyer kept 27.6% of the food company, after paying US$977 million, and 25.2% of the insurance and investment company, with a disbursement of US$946 million. Not content with this participation, the same day that the takeover bids were awarded, he launched a new offer that gave him an additional 3.2% in Nutresa, achieving 30.8%, for US$148 million; while in Sura it obtained 6.4% more to reach 31.6%, after paying US$288 million.

In fact, Gilinski has earned more than $4.8 billion or US$1.2 billion since he began his business move within the former Sindicato Antioqueño through three rounds of takeover bids that, with this new offer, complete seven purchase intentions presented to the market. in six. To date, it has disbursed more than US$2,599 million.

These figures are reflected, not only in the growth of both shares on the BVC, but also in the increase in their market capitalization during the last six months, a time that has taken the businessman from Cali to move three consecutive rounds of purchase.

When the movement of the investment and insurance company is analyzed, in the last 12 months it has risen 125.8% to $44,500, while between November and May it has climbed 104.6%, and so far in 2022 it has risen climbed 48.53%. This week it hit two all-time highs: $46,140 and $48,000.

As for the market capitalization, it went from $11.27 billion to $22.79 billion, which represented a gain of 102%. Applying the same analysis to the November-May period, the variation is 84.96%, and so far this year it reaches 37.94%.

Diego Franco, Head of Investments at Franco Capital, assured that “the offers injected greater dynamics and liquidity into the stock market thanks to the fact that the capital obtained by the buyers was reinvested in other assets. In fact, the good dynamics of the stock market made Colombia move away from the economic effects of international tensions. Foreigners continued to be the biggest buyers.”

Regarding the food multilatina, the species has climbed 126.9% in the last year. Since the first acquisition offer was presented, the same title has climbed 123%, while so far this year it has had a gain of 72.9%.

If the same operation is applied to the market capitalization, this has registered an increase of 124.6% in the last 12 months, and since the arrival of Gilinski in November of last year, it has risen 122%. So far in 2022, it has benefited just over 70%, reaching $22.47 billion.

Omar Suárez, manager of strategy and equities at Casa de Bolsa, assured that the takeover bids presented by Gilinski have been a sign that shares in Colombia were cheap. The market price has been below its fair price, which explains why such a move continues. An offer of this type can always be interesting for the shareholders if their titles are traded below what they should move”.

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