Haifa Wehbe’s sister (Rola Yamout) does it for the first time and allows her meat on the bed in the most seductive scene on the face of the universe!!

The last two pictures I posted, she appeared in a bikini. The first appeared showing her backside, lying on her bed, as if she permitted her flesh to all God’s creation.

The second shows her completely bare feet

Rola, who has a high culture, we don’t see anything from her. Can’t you just publish these flawed pictures of her and distort her image in front of all people?

We always say that she is different, and in fact she seems more balanced, as she speaks and addresses all issues and topics, and I studied at the university for years.

But what matters to people is all this, in front of all of Rola who puts herself in this predicament every time, so we can no longer defend her.

She should expect all negative and insulting comments to her, because she knows the nature of her surroundings and the traditions and norms that govern our society.

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