“Human Resources” sets an upper limit for the recruitment of domestic workers from the state of “Burundi” and reveals the recruitment prices from other countries

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development added the option of recruiting from the Republic of Burundi to its previous decision to oblige all establishments that provide mediation service in the recruitment of domestic workers not to exceed the highest ceiling of costs set by the Ministry.

The Ministry set the maximum limit for hiring a domestic worker from Burundi to be 7,500 Saudi riyals, without including the value added tax.

The maximum limit for recruitment

This decision is considered a continuation of the Ministry’s work to organize procedures and price governance in the recruitment market, control and follow up on their implementation to ensure the quality of the services provided. Last September, the Ministry obliged the licensed companies and offices to set the highest ceiling for a number of nationalities, bringing the maximum limit for the recruitment of domestic workers from Uganda to 9,500, and from Thailand to 10,000. 10,870 from Kenya, 13,000 from Bangladesh, 17,288 Saudi riyals from the Philippines, and 15,000 Saudi riyals from Sri Lanka, without including the value added tax.

This decision comes within the framework of the Ministry’s endeavor to develop all services, improve the labor market environment and enhance its attractiveness, and make it keep pace with global labor markets. The announced prices to avoid the penalties provided for when violating the activity regulation of the rules of recruitment and provision of labor services, as it will continue to implement this through the “Musaned” platform.

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