“I have to divorce you, you are a liar” • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The well-known Snape appeared, as “Al-Brahim”, flirting with Saud Al-Qahtani during a live broadcast on “Tik Tok”.

And “Al-Brahim” said: “I swear to God, you are sweeter than Tik Tok. I am shocked at you and my navigator. The navigator of Tik Tok and the photography is unjust, and it is a character. Saud replied to her, saying, “You are a fraud and I have to divorce you. You are a lie.”

She added, “Malahee is a personality of his height, body, and shape, God willing, and blessed be God. He is considered handsome. His appearance is acceptable and does not fall under the youth that no one sees in them. The most important thing is the personality, and you are also a personality.”

Saud continued, saying: I know their movements, and this is what makes me smile, so I concluded: “I am a cash person, and I was wondering about the yellowing of your teeth.”

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