“I Purchased It with a Specific Intention, but it’s Currently Unattainable”

Narek Manukian, a resident of Tielrode, Antwerp, is facing a major problem after the road beside his newly bought house was rebuilt. The parking rules have changed, so vans are no longer permitted to park on the street, leaving Narek unable to park in front of his own garage. In fact, he has already received two parking fines. The municipality is aware of the parking issues but has chosen not to intervene because of the cost implications.

Having just bought his house in Tielrode, Antwerp, Narek Manukian faces a major problem. The roadway his house sits on has just been rebuilt and since it reopened the parking rules have changed. Indeed, vans are no longer allowed to park on the street. This means that Narek can no longer park his… in front of his own garage!

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“I bought this house in 2022 precisely for this, but now it is no longer possible”, he laments to our colleagues from the Newspaper. The craziest: the Belgian has already received two fines for parking in front of his house.

Aware of the problems of parking in the street, the municipality maintains its position. “If we intervene here, we will have to do it for everyone and the costs will be too high,” she says.

It seems that Narek Manukian has gotten himself into a sticky situation after purchasing his dream home in Tielrode, Antwerp. The recent changes made to the parking rules on the roadway he lives on have left him unable to park his van in front of his own garage. It’s a frustrating situation that has already resulted in two fines. Unfortunately, the municipality is not willing to intervene, citing the prohibitive costs involved. This is certainly a cautionary tale about the importance of researching the parking rules in your designated area before settling on a new home.

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