Identifying High Cholesterol: Signs of Yellow Swellings and Why You Should Seek Treatment

2023-11-03 05:55:49

Al-Marsad newspaper: Many people suffer from high blood cholesterol, and one of the signs that indicates it is a mark in the nose.

Yellow swellings

According to Harvard Health, what results from high cholesterol is the appearance of yellow plaques, which are small yellow swellings that usually appear on the eyelid, and can appear on or near the nose.


It is noteworthy that these pimples appear the size of the head of a pin, and can increase in size and reach a grape, and are often yellow or orange in color, knowing that women suffer from this sign more than men, which reveals the occurrence of hyperlipidemia, which is a condition. Lipid disorders resulting from high blood cholesterol, according to Russia Today.

Cholesterol levels

These growths can also be individual or appear in the form of groups in different places in the body, telling you the need to go to the doctor to receive the necessary treatment to lower cholesterol levels in the body.

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