In the video, a consultant reveals a surprise about the effect of drinking “lizard’s blood” on health, and comments on its use in treating asthma

Al-Marsad Newspaper: During an interview with Al-Ekhbariya channel, Dr. Najwa Al-Sawy, an allergy and immunology consultant, revealed the truth about the treatment of “lizard’s blood” for asthma.

Dr. Najwa said, there are herbs or herbal materials that may be useful in treating asthma, such as turmeric, but they should not be completely relied upon.

And she continued, the herbs contain substances similar to cortisone that reduce inflammation and secretions, but preventive medications must be used and follow-up with the doctor.

She added, with regard to blood, whether of a lizard or others, blood is far from religiously forbidden and impure, as it can turn into a poisonous substance after eating it.

And she added, the blood contains a percentage of iron that is deposited in the heart and other organs, and it contains toxic substances, and carbon dioxide can lead to death, and thus blood has no benefit to the body.

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