In the video, a “specialist” reveals a shocking rate of breast cancer among women in the Kingdom, and clarifies the most prominent problem they face.

Al-Marsad newspaper: The President of the Saudi Society of Oncology, Dr. Miteb Al-Fahidi, revealed the prevalence of breast cancer among women in the Kingdom.

“Breast cancer is the most common among women in the Kingdom,” he said during an interview with Al-Ikhbaria channel, noting that the latest statistic of the Saudi Cancer Registry included the registration of 2,500 cases, including 45 cases among men.

He continued, when comparing this percentage with international figures, it is considered low, as 30 Saudi women are diagnosed for every 100,000 Saudi women, compared to 93 American women for every 100,000 American women.

And he continued, the problem in Saudi Arabia is that cases are usually in advanced stages, with the second stage representing 40%, the second stage representing 40%, and the later stages representing 15%.

He pointed out the importance of raising awareness of breast cancer, seeking health care early, and paying attention to medical instructions.

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