The Preacher Speaks of Al-Maghamisi, the Majestic Shrine, and the Individual Who Granted His Exemption from Quba Mosque in Saudi Arabia.

Saleh Al-Maghamisi, a Saudi Islamic preacher, spoke about the circumstances surrounding his exemption from the Quba Mosque in Medina in an interview on a Saudi channel. He claimed that an envious individual was behind the decision, and that he had no warning or reprimands against him in his 14 years as an imam and preacher at the mosque. He explained that it is customary for the appointment or exemption of imams and preachers in the Two Holy Mosques to require the approval of the sublime shrine, but the Ministry of Islamic Affairs is responsible for such decisions in other mosques. Al-Maghamisi tweeted an apology after his exemption, but also expressed regret over a mistake made by his successor, who had tweeted something unnecessary after expressing his remorse for the decision.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Saudi Islamic preacher, Saleh Al-Maghamisi, recounted behind the scenes the events of his exemption from the Quba Mosque in Medina, and who was behind this decision, saying that “my exemption was a destiny that agreed with the desire of an envious person.”

This came in an interview that Al-Maghamisi conducted on the Saudi channel, where he touched on the topic of the tweet that was behind his exemption: “I know that the reason is good for those who made the decision to exempt, which is the branch of the ministry, but I thought it was possible that there would not be an exemption, and in detail, I am 14 years old in the mosque as an imam.” And a preacher since 1407 (Hijri), now 14 years, and I am an imam and preacher. I have delivered hundreds of sermons, delivered dozens of lessons in the mosque, and prayed with people hundreds of obligatory prayers. Islam summoned me for any remark, no reproach, no warning, and if it were like this, it would have been better, neither for any sermon nor for any lesson. This is my history over 14 years..”

And he continued: “The exemption carried what cannot be lifted to a high ceiling that cannot be reached, meaning that the imamate in the Two Holy Mosques, the Sacred Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, cannot appoint an imam or a preacher or be exempted except after the approval of the sublime shrine. This is the system of the state. As for the Quba Mosque and other mosques, this is The state, may God honor it, placed him in the position of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. This is very practical and intuitive.”

And he continued, saying: “I apologized at the time with a tweet immediately after that, and this is something that must be apologized. I had to stop you from God’s destiny .. I tweeted and believed that I made a great mistake, but I apologized hours later and even apologized before the exemption decision was issued, but it is not intended to ask him to return.

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And he added: “When I was relieved, there was no prayer in the mosque, it was the Corona pandemic, and the mosques were suspending prayers in them .. The second day they appointed an imam, even though I have 3 imams present and there is no prayer in the mosque .. We do not talk about the new imam, he is a virtuous man, may God forgive us and him He made a mistake when he tweeted a day after he excused me, meaning he mentioned something in it, he shouldn’t have made this, why? If you gloat over the one from whom you have managed the world, man will rise above this.”

The events surrounding Saleh Al-Maghamisi’s exemption from the Quba Mosque in Medina have been shrouded in controversy, with many questioning the reasoning behind his dismissal. In his interview with a Saudi channel, Al-Maghamisi sheds light on what he believes to be the true motives behind his exemption, citing an envious person as the driving force behind the decision. He also apologizes for the tweet that was ultimately the catalyst for his dismissal, though he recognizes that it was God’s will for him to leave the mosque. While the circumstances surrounding his departure may remain murky, one thing is clear: Al-Maghamisi is determined to move forward and continue spreading his message of Islam to those who will listen.

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