Inside the Mind of Juhayman Al-Otaibi: The Untold Story Behind the Liberation of the Holy Mosque in Mecca

2023-09-22 14:37:37

Al-Marsad newspaper: One of the leaders of the operation to liberate the Holy Mosque in Mecca, Lieutenant General Muhammad Eid Al-Otaibi, revealed one of the stories of the disappearance of Juhayman Al-Otaibi, the leader of a group calling itself the Salafist Muhtasib, before his occupation of the Mosque in Mecca in the year 1400 AH.

Before entering the sanctuary

Before Juhayman Al-Otaibi entered the Haram, the security forces were busy chasing him and searching for him. In this context, Lieutenant General Muhammad Eid Al-Otaibi told a story that happened to Juhayman in Sajir, saying: They were following him with the investigations and they came to Sajir’s house to arrest him, so he opened the door for them, and they told him, “We want Juhayman.” He said to them, “Come in and have coffee, and your time will come.”

Where is Juhayman?

He continued during his special interview on the “The Middle Line” program: The detectives sat in the council and brought them the tea and left it there. They asked him again, “Where is Juhayman?” and he replied, “He will come to you,” and after that he left them.

He was with you!

He added: After he left the police, his brother entered and asked him, “Where is Juhayman?” to which he replied: Juhayman was with you and was sitting with you.

Hiding in Kuwait

He pointed out that Juhayman was hiding in Kuwait and the eastern region to roam, noting that he went to Kuwait to a group of Kuwaitis with him in the group.

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