International news – Scientists warn of “NASA” cosmic communication with creatures that may invade Earth

Muhammad bin Masoud – Dammam – NASA intends to transmit data to a part of the Milky Way galaxy that it believes is most likely to have other civilizations in it, to show it the location of the solar system in the galaxy, and the Earth in particular, by informing it of the digital images of the solar system in the data. The surface of the globe and its inhabitants, male and female, in addition to the biochemical composition of life in it, as well as basic mathematical and physical calculations to create a means of “cosmic communication” in the future.

However, this step “may unintentionally lead to a foreign invasion of Earth,” according to what scientists from the University of “Oxford” British warned, in a message they called Beacon In The Galaxy, or “a beacon in the galaxy,” according to what Al reported from the newspaper. The British “graph”, an updated version of a message known as the Arecibo Message containing similar information, was transmitted in 1974 by radio waves from a radio telescope in Puerto Rico.

That message, which is considered the first serious attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial beings, and below is a video of it, carried at the speed of light of 300,000 kilometers per second, simple information about humanity and the Earth, scheduled to arrive after 25 thousand years to a part of the “Milky Way” known as Messier 13 crowded with millions of stars Perhaps, perhaps one or more of them will be the title of a system around which planets revolve, in one of which there are creatures as on Earth.

But NASA, which does not plan to broadcast the same message, is proposing to send a new one of the largest telescope in the world, a spherical radio telescope, with an aperture of 500 meters in diameter, in China, as well as through the Allen group of telescopes of the SETI Institute in northern California, and it also needs 25 thousand years to reach, And if a civilization picks it up, the Earth will wait for the same time to receive a response from it, either peace or aggression, according to what can be deduced from what the warning warned about.

Peaceful and hostile civilizations

One of the warnings in the letter, a Swedish researcher, Anders Sandberg, who is active in an institute affiliated with Oxford University, known internationally as the Future of Humanity Institute, which specializes in future foresights, stated to the newspaper that “sharing such information represents a risk, although the chance of it reaching a strange civilization is very small, But because sending it has such a big impact, it actually needs to be taken a bit seriously,” he said.

Also of warning, a colleague at the same institute, a doctor like him, is the Australian Toby Ord, also a researcher in the affairs of foresight and futures, who made similar arguments in a book he wrote two years ago entitled The Precipice and analyzed the existential risks and the future of humanity, explaining, “The main question is about the proportion of Peaceful civilizations compared to hostile civilizations” if they existed in space.

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