Is the local epidemic likely to rise to three levels before the Spring Festival?Chen Shizhong said this- Life- Zhongshi

More local epidemics break out! Will it be upgraded to three levels before the Spring Festival?Chen Shizhong gave the answer

There are 82 local cases in China today. Facing the upcoming Lunar New Year, many people are worried that they may rise to three levels a year ago? Chen Shizhong, commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center, said today that if it is a wide-ranging and multi-point community cluster, it has to be escalated, but now it is all traceable infection sources that cause clusters, and it remains to be seen whether the cluster is escalated.

Local epidemics have broken out at many points throughout Taiwan. Recently, local epidemics have occurred one after another from Taoyuan, Taipei to Kaohsiung. 70 people were infected with the epidemic in Taoyuan Yaxu Computer Factory. Chen Shizhong pointed out that at present, all clusters are caused by traceable sources of infection. In particular, the living conditions of migrant workers are relatively difficult to distinguish, and the impact on the community should be further observed.

At present, many countries in the world adopt the strategy of “coexisting with the virus”. Chen Shizhong believes that most countries have to do this. “We are working hard in the direction of clearing.” Do.

But he emphasized that the future may not be able to be cleared to zero, but “controllable”. Therefore, relevant medical treatment, evacuation, and residential separation must be changed, and the corresponding methods must be calculated in terms of energy and energy. , what is acceptable to the Chinese people.

As the Chinese New Year is approaching, the people are concerned about banning tailgating, gatherings or restricting the flow of people? Chen Shizhong said that the review will be carried out on a rolling basis, and there will be no large-scale changes and restrictions.

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