Israeli Response to Hezbollah’s Targeting: Analysis of Recent Events in Southern Lebanon

2023-10-08 07:32:05

Southern military sources told Vdlnews that the Israeli response to targeting its centers in the occupied Lebanese territories was “very timid,” and that Hezbollah was “very comfortable” before, during, and after what happened in the morning of targeting Israeli centers and the Israeli response.

While it confirmed that Hezbollah was precise in its response in terms of location, that is, its strikes came exclusively within the occupied Lebanese territories, it saw that this scenario was reciprocated by the enemy, except that the enemy’s pace was very weak compared to the size of the losses it incurred in its positions.

The sources asked: Since when have Israeli military sites been targeted without Israel responding brutally? She added, the reason is that Israel did not absorb the shock of what is happening in Palestine and the Gaza Strip, firstly, and secondly, it is its intention not to escalate with Hezbollah due to the strikes that may result that are not in the Israeli government’s mind in this particular circumstance.

The sources confirmed to Vdlnews that the Israeli enemy army had deposited with UNIFIL a message stating its intention not to escalate, and to be satisfied with the response that occurred in the bombing of open areas despite being directly targeted, and which in turn, that is, UNIFIL, informed those concerned in Hezbollah of this, so that this incident would be recorded as a major achievement for the party in I struck him today and distributed messages to friend and enemy, telling the enemy that the resistance will not be silent about the occupation of the Shebaa Farms and the Kfar Shuba hills and is serious about that and closer than ever to liberating them militarily if indirect negotiations fail, and to the Palestinian friend that the resistance is with you in action, not in words and slogans, and that any escalation Crossing the red lines in the Gaza Strip will push us to intervene decisively without the need for a pretext for war that convinces the international community.

The sources revealed that Hezbollah deliberately conveyed a message to the Israeli enemy that it is ready for any response that deviates from the rules of engagement (the occupied and disputed Lebanese territories), and a message also reached it that the resistance’s air defenses are present to deter aircraft that might violate the skies of Lebanon. The sources stated that this is the first time that a public and clear operation has taken place against Israel without dozens of aircraft penetrating the skies of Lebanon, which confirms that the enemy has conveyed the message of resistance.

While the sources announced that life was normal on the Lebanese side along the southern border, they revealed that “there is no life in the occupied Lebanese and Palestinian territories, and there is no presence of Israeli settlers at all, not even military, except far from the borders of the Blue Line.”

In response to a question about the possibility of Hezbollah’s incursion into the occupied Lebanese and Palestinian territories, similar to what happened around Gaza, the source said: “Only the leadership has the answer. The matter will be decided in the future because the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, raised this issue previously and announced that the resistance leadership has “You ask the Mujahideen to control Galilee, but no one can predict the timing.”

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