How true is Saad Hariri undergoing surgery?

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Establishing a minimum wage in the private sector and incentives for the public sector… This is what the Minister of Labor has announced

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The Queen of Britain is resting after a day in the hospital, and Johnson sends a telegram to the Queen

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Allianz Lebanon celebrates a new achievement in the company’s history

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“Yesterday we drank coffee together and laughed like we never laughed before”… The Captain of Actors tells the details of the last meeting with “Piaro”: It’s as if you came to say goodbye to everyone!

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Amnesty International – Corona’s repercussions threaten freedoms and independent media

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With a “missile test” in space, China angers the United States

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Muhammad Ramadan responds to the “hosts controversy” with a new video

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A new discovery contradicts what is known scientifically about the inner core of our planet

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