What we want is to reach justice for the August 4 issue… What did he say about Hezbollah?

Activist William Noun confirmed that in “the last period of last year, specifically the second half of 2022, a decision was taken by the families of the victims not to appear in the media, but what we saw was burying the issue and bypassing all legal matters, which prompted us to return to the street … Read more

Shocking details.. An overdose of a sexual stimulant took his life

A sharp drop in blood circulation wrote a shocking end to a person who sought to satisfy his sexual desires. Brigadier General Muhammad Amin, Chief of Investigation in the October Sector, received a signal from the Rescue Police Department to find the body of a person inside an apartment in Sheikh Zayed.The criminal investigations men … Read more

A strike on the entire Lebanese territory on the 8th of February… Here are the details

This morning, the federations and unions of the land transport sector in Lebanon held a meeting that included all the components of the unions and federations of the land transport sector headed by Bassam Tlais and in the presence of the President of the General Labor Union in Lebanon, Dr. Headquarters of the General Labor … Read more

More than useful.. What happens to the body if you eat a cup of cinnamon daily?

Cinnamon is a spice made from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree. It is one of the common spices used in preparing many dishes in the kitchen, from main courses to desserts and even some drinks. Cinnamon is divided into two types: Cassia: also called “regular” cinnamon, which is the most common variety, and … Read more

Why only Christians, gentlemen?… Handcuffs and black bags on their heads

A political reference asked about the reason for the campaign of arrests in the real estate districts confined to Mount Lebanon only and in the Christian areas in particular, and did not extend to southern and northern Lebanon. The reference indicated, according to what the vdlnews website knew, that Bkerki must move, because the campaign … Read more

Beware.. This is what fried chicken does to the human body!

Chicken is one of the most prominent sources of protein, and it is among the most common foods in the world, but this food may become very harmful if it is prepared in an unhealthy way, such as frying in oil. According to Eat This, eating fried chicken is not without major health risks, as … Read more