Tomorrow the temperature will drop with heavy rain at night

The Department of Meteorology at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation expected the weather tomorrow to be partly cloudy with an additional drop in temperatures, … Read more

Hezbollah is preparing to receive Iranian oil in the Bekaa Valley

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The latest leaks of the “iPhone 13” before it was revealed

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An American scientist blows up a surprise about the origin of Corona

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The Taliban announces the date for the formation of the new government

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The failures of the roosters continue in the World Cup qualifiers

France failed to win for the fifth game in a row, after drawing 1-1 away with Ukraine in Group D of the 2022 World Cup … Read more

Syria’s approval of the passage of Egyptian gas to Lebanon under an “American cover”… and a four-way meeting in Amman to activate the agreements

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“Advisor in the Saudi Royal Court” in the grip of state security

Radwan Mortada A Saudi diplomat, Taleb al-Shubraki, who presented himself as an advisor in the Saudi royal court, became famous in Raouche. The man resides … Read more

A famous cryptocurrency is approaching its historical peak.. I gained 25% within a week

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Biden orders a review of the possibility of revealing “secret documents” about the September attacks

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