Kate Middleton: This is why she didn’t tell Meghan and Harry about cancer – No trust 2024-03-28 11:30:50

The Princess of Wales shocked the public with her decision to reveal herself through a video, the fact that she is suffering from cancer.

However, according to the UK website, independentPrince Harry and Meghan reportedly learned of Kate’s cancer diagnosis through the televised announcement.

A source told The Times that the couple, who have a strained relationship with the Prince and Princess of Wales, were not told in advance of Friday’s statement.

In addition, the royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told the Sun he believed the decision was made because of a lack of confidence in the Sussexes.

“The reason of course is that for about four years, they have caused endless problems for the royal family and so they cannot be trusted,” he said.

“There is a deep rift between the brothers – we know that. We also know that apparently they have not spoken for many months and the reason, of course, is that for about four years now they have caused endless problems for the royal family and so they cannot be trusted,” he commented.

“William doesn’t trust Harry and Meghan, and for good reason. We know what happened to Oprah, the Netflix show, Spare, and then the interviews surrounding his book. There was no reason for them to make money from their ties to the royal family. The problem is that this (ie the royal family) is the only thing that seems to make them a lot of money. This raises other questions about what they will do in the future,” he pointed out.

Following Kate’s announcement, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex issued a brief statement. “We wish Kate and the family a speedy recovery and hope they can do so privately and in peace.”

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