Killing God John Wick 4|Quirrell Reeves’s dialogue is 380 characters and the longest sentence is 14 characters

The movie “John Wick 4” (John Wick 4) starring Keanu Reeves has been very popular since its opening, and its box office has surpassed that of the previous series. The film also broke many records this time, including the longest film in the series with a length of 169 minutes and the number of enemies killed up to 302. There are many things, but one thing has decreased, which is the dialogue of Quirrell Reeves. The number of dialogue words in the sub-full film fell below the beginning of 4 characters, only 380 words.

John Wick came to the Dome Hotel in Osaka in this episode, and of course left the hotel with dead bodies in the end. (“Killing God John Wick 4” movie stills)
Donnie Yen joined in the fourth episode, fighting alongside Quirrell Reeves. (“Killing God John Wick 4” movie stills)
Originally, Quirrell Reeves was responsible for more than half of the dialogue in this scene, but in the end they all deleted it by themselves, leaving only single words. (“Killing God John Wick 4” movie stills)

According to the latest statistical report of the “Wall Street Journal”, John Wick, played by Quirrell Reeves, only spoke 103 lines of dialogue in the latest series, a total of 380 words, and one-third of them were not complete sentences, but only single words. Compared with the first episode, which was 101 episodes long, John Wick spoke a total of 484 words, but this time the episode lasts nearly 3 hours and 169 minutes, but it falls below the beginning of the 4, which is very interesting.

John Wick 4︱How many people were killed in the fourth episode?Dead bodies littered the field more than 3 times more than the first episode

John Wick’s main weapon in the fourth episode is actually still a pistol, and the action scenes also account for 70% of the entire film. (Screenshot of “John Wick 4” trailer)
John Wick also joined the use of nunchucks in this episode to pay tribute to Bruce Lee, but some viewers thought it was a nuisance. (“Killing God John Wick 4” movie stills)

According to statistics, everyone heard John Wick’s dialogue in the preview, which originally accounted for 10% of the entire film, and the longest line of dialogue in the film is only 14 words. It comes from his going to The Continental Hotel in Osaka, played by Hiroyuki Sanada Koji Shimadzu said: “You and I left a good life behind a long time ago, my friend,” “You and I left a good life behind a long time ago, my friend.”

Quirrell in “Killing God John Wick” has always been thinking about his dead wife, and in reality he is also very long-lasting. (still photo)

Killing God John Wick4|Inventory of the four fierce battle scenes “Invincible Hot Wheels” turned into actual combat skills

Director Chad Stahelski said in an interview: “When you work with him, you will definitely be surprised by his obsession with reticence.” The director gave him an example of drawing cards with the “Marquis” in the play When talking about the rules of the duel, Quirrell Reeves originally took up half of the dialogue, but in the end he deleted it himself, and only used one word to express: “pistol” (gun), “no quarter” and so on. The director also explained the taciturn character, like John Wick who always only wears a black suit and never loosens his tie, it is equally simple and full of mystery.

John Wick also reunited with his old friend Caine in the fourth episode, and fought side by side. (“Killing God John Wick 4” movie stills)
(“Killing God John Wick 4” stills)

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