Learn about the steps for issuing a fencing license for vacant lands without the need to visit the secretariat or the municipality

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing revealed the mechanism of issuing a license to fencing open lands easily without the need to visit the municipality or the municipality.

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs stated, through its official account on Twitter, that the requirements for the issuance of a fencing space license service are an updated electronic instrument from the Ministry of Justice, and the issuance of a survey decision, in addition to the payment of service fees.

She added that the excluded lands are those that have a building permit, a site preparation permit, or a demolition permit, or there is a problem with the cadastral decision.

The ministry specified the steps for obtaining the service, which are: Choosing an engineering office. Approved design (refer to guideline). Issuance of a fencing permit (building permit, equipment permit, demolition permit).

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs stipulated a commitment to fencing off vacant lands, starting from 1/7/2022.

She pointed out that the decision aims to protect lands from encroachments and not to collect waste and waste, which contributes to improving the urban landscape.

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