Liège Train Station: Latest Assaults and Arrests with Weapons Investigation

2023-06-04 12:00:00

Sunday, early in the morning, a train attendant wanted to check the ticket of a passenger but the latter did not have a valid ticket. Instead, he had a Swiss army knife with the unfolded blade prominently displayed.

The train attendant then asked for reinforcements and the man with the Swiss army knife was arrested in Liège. He is an illegal resident. Heard about this weapon, the suspect explained to the investigators that he kept this knife on him in order to defend himself.

He was deprived of liberty for the night and he was brought to the Liège public prosecutor’s office on Sunday, where the magistrate on duty put the file under investigation with a request for an arrest warrant. The prosecution further specifies that, in recent times, several scenes of assault and battery with a weapon have been recorded at Liège Guillemins station.

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