Life is dark for 5 years: Actress | Malayalam Actress attack case

Kochi: The surviving actress has told the high court that her life has been in darkness for the last five years as she has been distorted or leaked in the scenes. The government has filed a petition seeking three more months to complete its probe into the abduction, torture and pornography of the actress.

The actress said that it was a community that did not recognize the victims and that the footage was leaked and that there was news that many people had it on their phones. He is depressed. It is crucial that any of the evidence collected by the investigating officer be tampered with. The actress therefore demanded that no chargesheet be filed in the case without an independent and fair investigation.

However, Dileep argued that it was an attempt to prolong the trial and not to prolong the investigation. The prosecution said the evidence needed to be examined further and that time should be extended. Following the conclusion of the argument, Justice Dr. Kauser adjourned to pronounce judgment on the petition.

Dileep alleged that the allegation of leaking the footage from the memory card in the custody of the court was to insult the judicial officer and the court staff. It is up to the court to decide. The vigilance of the High Court should be investigated. Survivor has directed the High Court Registrar (Vigilance) to look into the matter.

The court has the power to inspect the memory card in the custody of the court. The court may examine any document in the custody of the court. The hash value of video clips has not changed. The court has already noticed that the hash value of the memory card has changed. Dileep argued that this was discussed in the trial court

However, the prosecution said that the investigation was expected to be completed within the stipulated time and that the time was being extended for sufficient reasons. The aim is to complete the investigation as soon as possible. The prosecution has not charged the court with misconduct. It is up to the expert to comment on the subject. The Director General of Prosecutions explained that this was the exclusive prerogative of the investigating agency, citing the Supreme Court order.

Survivor asked the bench to withdraw from hearing the case when the petition was taken up yesterday morning. However, the apex court did not allow the petition as it was the same bench which had earlier fixed the time limit and issued the order.

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