Martín, the Viedma participant, is the new leader in Big Brother: what are its benefits

2023-12-20 03:21:54

The participant of Big Brother native of Viedma, Martín Kuwon over Alan and Agostina in the leader’s test this Tuesday and will enjoy a series of benefits, including, immunity for the nomination gala.

In a competition full of drama, the little brothers They had to move an object in pure balance across the entire length of the sandan instance in which the young man of Chinese origin took advantage over the others.

Martín took advantage of his physical prowess, a characteristic that is already a source of conversation within the house, and managed to take the victory against the other two competitors, thus becoming the new leader.

In this way, the Viedmense participant will not only enjoy immunity at the time of nominations, but will also You will be able to remove one of your teammates from the plate of candidates for elimination and putting someone else in their place.

Big Brother: a debate with a special guest

This Tuesday, as usual, a new broadcast of the Big Brother debate took place, although with a more than special presence: Sergio “Chiquito” Romerowho witnessed the development of the program in the studio.

The Boca goalkeeper decided to accompany his wife Eliana Guercio, who is part of the panel that daily analyzes what happens inside the house. Even the former national team goalkeeper was encouraged to give his opinion and spoke about the leader’s test, which ended with Martín as the winner.

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