Mélenchon accuses Macron “of dragging France into a regime that has already been seen”

2023-07-08 13:49:22


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Jean-Luc Mélenchon during a demonstration against pension reform in June. CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT / AFP

“Hazard. Danger”, warned the unfortunate candidate for the presidential election, getting angry with “the leader of the republican arc” after the banning of the demonstration of the collective “Truth for Adama”.

A Saturday of anger and excess for the tribune of the radical left. In several messages posted on Twitter, Jean-Luc Mélenchon attacked the executive, protesting against the ban on the annual march organized by the collective “Truth for Adama“. The former unsuccessful candidate for the presidential election strongly denounced this decision, not hesitating to draw a parallel with a dark page in the history of France, which some would describe as hazardous: “From interdiction to repression, from Pétain to Current Values, the leader of the Republican arc leads France into a regime that has already been seen“, he wrote. And to add:Danger. Danger».

«He forced on the Muscat», «Saturday’s Godwin Point», «danger public“… These few words from the founder of La France insoumise have provoked many reactions on the social network. “On weekends, you shouldn’t leave her phone“, quipped, for his part, the president of Génération Zemmour, Stanislas Rigault.

This message recalls in particular a controversy dating from the end of 2018. At the time, Emmanuel Macron had judged “legit» a tribute to Philippe Pétain, describing him as «a great soldierduring the First World War. “Political life, like human nature, is sometimes more complex than we would like to believe“, he was justified. These remarks had triggered strong reactions, in particular from François Hollande or the president of Crif, Francis Kalifat. Jean-Luc Mélenchon was also offended by this position: “Pétain is a traitor and an anti-Semite. His crimes and his treason are imprescriptible. Macron, this time, it’s too much!“, got carried away the one who was then a deputy.

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“Hello Republican arch!”

In another message published this Saturday, the tribune also protested against the exclusion, according to certain politicians, of his troops from the “republican arc”. “When your deputies refuse to call for calm, you leave the Republican field !“, for example thundered the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, this week. Government spokesman Olivier Véran meanwhile accused elected officials wishing to participate in the march for Adama Traoré of getting out of “the republican arc”. An injustice, believes Mélenchon. “Since when do they decide who is a Republican? If “the republican arc” is them, who does it want? Aurore Bergé, Macron, Retailleau, Le Pen and a few others, they want to kick us out of the disgusting club. So much the better, we stay with the disgusted“, he wrote on Twitter. Before posting, a little later, a cover of an issue of the magazine Current values, in which the President of the Republic was questioned. “Hello Republican arch! Does it make you feel like it? Enjoy your food“, he commented ironically. A means of denouncing the hypocrisy, in his eyes, of “the republican arch“, which would exclude LFI while getting closer to ideas, personalities or media of the nationalist right.

These positions come as dissension has again emerged within Nupes following the riots that shook France at the end of June, representatives having been reluctant to explicitly condemn the violence. “I consider that the France insoumise goes astray, that she is not where she should be, that she is not where we expect her“, thus denounced the boss of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure.

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Even more recently, the gathering of the collective “Justice pour Adama“Also divided the union of the left, EELV and LFI wishing to go there, unlike the PS and the PCF. Like Jean-Luc Mélenchon, many elected officials condemned the banning of this event in Paris: Éric Coquerel accused the executive of putting “France on the bench (sic) democracies“, Paul Vannier criticized the “incomprehensible absence of the PS and the PCF in this moment of truth» and Danièle Obono considered that the government legitimized the «revoltby banning the demonstration.

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