New developments regarding the murder of the son of the former Egyptian Minister of Immigration of two of his friends in America

Al-Marsad newspaper: Kimberly, the public information officer in the Attorney General’s office in Orange County, California, revealed the developments of the trial of the son of the former Minister of Immigration, accused of killing two of his friends.

Kimberly said a preliminary hearing has been scheduled for December 2, at the Northern District Court in California.

Ramy Nabil, son of Ambassador Nabila Makram, the former Minister of Immigration, is being tried for the murder of two of his friends in Orange County, California. Understand the law, in the premeditated murder of two people in a crime he described as first-degree.

The memo, issued by the Office of the Prosecutor, added that on April 19, 2022, Rami Hani Mounir Fahim, Griffin Cuomo and Jonathan Bahm, with premeditation and premeditation, in violation of Article 187A of the Criminal Code.

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