News Queen plot|Gao Haining asks Charmaine Sheh for conditions, and black material about He Yiting’s sister’s accident is revealed

2023-12-06 13:05:51

In the 13th episode of “News Queen”, Ma Guoming’s MeToo incident ended due to a pure misunderstanding. Gong Ci’en wanted to win over Li Shihua to become the third force of SNK News, but she did not agree. On the other hand, Charmaine Sheh promoted Gao Haining to take over to check and balance Li. Shi Hua.

Gong Ci’en expresses his love for Charmaine Sheh

In the 14th episode of “News Queen”, Charmaine Sheh and Gong Ci’en go to the company together. Every time Gong Ci’en picks up a handbag, he hints to Charmaine Sheh that each handbag is equivalent to a different colleague in SNK News and his own preferences, asking Charmaine Sheh to press on the personnel matters. She meant to do it.

Gong Cien used his hands to symbolize the choice of anchor. (Screenshot)

Charmaine Sheh said that Lee Sze Wah’s special program offended big real estate developers, so there was no support, so the program was a failure. Charmaine Sheh even reduced Gao Haining’s prime time anchor time, saying that Gong Ci’en wanted to give viewers more choices.

Charmaine Sheh said that if Li Shihua’s program was not sued, it would be a failure. (Screenshot) Gao Haining’s anchor time has been cut. (Screenshot)

Gao Haining approached Charmaine Sheh to negotiate terms

In order to get more opportunities to be a prime time anchor, Gao Haining approached Charmaine Sheh to negotiate terms. She said that there was a case of a girl who was a paid girl. She could go with the police to do a live broadcast on prime time. If successful, she would be a prime time anchor seven nights a week. .

Gao Haining approached Charmaine Sheh to negotiate terms. (Screenshot)

He Yiting’s sister is compensated dating?

That night, He Yiting and Ma Guoming were in charge of anchoring. Gao Haining was outside filming with the police to arrest the girl who was a paid-dating girl. During the police operation, Gao Haining picked up a handbag underground. She found that the certificate in the handbag probably belonged to He Yiting. Sister Chen Ruosi’s.

Gao Haining found Chen Ruosi’s ID. (Screenshot)

When Chen Ruosi was chased by the police, she called her sister He Yiting, but because He Yiting was doing a live broadcast, she couldn’t hear her call. Gao Haining asked the photographer to follow Chen Ruosi who was being chased by the police at the scene. He Yiting in the live broadcast room was very surprised to see her sister appear in the live video.

Chen Ruosi went to a dangerous place. (Screenshot) Chen Ruosi went to a dangerous place. (Screenshot)

Chen Ruosi ran to the edge outside the second floor. He Yiting was very worried about finding a phone to call her sister Chen Ruosi. Unexpectedly, Chen Ruosi’s phone fell from the second floor to the road. Because she didn’t want to be arrested by the police chasing behind her, Chen Ruosi walked along the building. The sign outside jumped to the ground and she tried to pick up the phone on the road, but was hit by a car. He Yiting was immediately at a loss when she saw this scene.

He Yiting wants to contact Chen Ruosi. (Screenshot) Chen Ruosi was knocked down. (Screenshot)

When Charmaine Sheh in the control room saw Chen Ruosi’s accident, she held back her tears and told He Yiting in the live broadcast room that she would take the anchor’s seat and report whatever happened. But He Yiting was on the verge of emotional collapse and was stunned. Charmaine Sheh asked Ma Guoming to finish the report.

Seeing something happen to her sister, He Yiting collapsed. (Screen capture) Charmaine Sheh tells He Yiting to persevere. (Screenshot) Ma Guoming was also shocked. (Screenshot)

He Yiting heard the message from her sister Chen Ruosi on the phone and cried sadly. At this time, she received a call from the police saying that her sister had been confirmed dead.

He Yiting cried bitterly when she received the news from the police about her sister Zhishi. (Screenshot)

Gao Haining lied that he didn’t know anything about it

Deng Zhijian held a meeting with Ma Guoming, Charmaine Sheh and Gao Haining and asked them about the live broadcast. Gao Haining lied that he did not know at the time that a girl was related to a colleague in the company and had never heard He Yiting talk about her family affairs.

Gao Ruoning said he didn’t know Chen Siting’s identity. (Screenshot)

After the meeting, Ma Guoming asked Gao Haining if there was anything she had hidden that she had not revealed. She pretended to be nonchalant and said no, but when she turned to leave, she couldn’t help but want to cry because she had not thought that the matter would eventually lead to He Yiting’s sister. I will die.

Gao Haining also felt difficult. (Screenshot)

After He Yiting and her mother saw Chen Ruosi’s body in the hospital, they were surrounded by a large group of reporters at the entrance of the hospital. Ma Guoming rushed to rescue them in time. Charmaine Sheh was already waiting for their mother and daughter in the car. Charmaine Sheh gave He Yiting’s mother Li Yanshan a piece of cake. The check with a large amount of money asked He Yiting to leave the media and open a small shop to make a living. He Yiting rejected Charmaine Sheh’s proposal, saying she didn’t need others to pity her.

He Yiting and her mother went to claim her sister’s body. (Screen capture) Why did Ma Guoming rely on Ting to make a rescue? (Screen capture) Charmaine Sheh tells He Yiting not to be an anchor. (Screenshot)

Due to Chen Ruosi’s incident, He Yiting’s fake academic qualifications were discovered by other reporters and she could no longer stay at the TV station. Ma Guoming proposed to Deng Zhijian that she be transferred to the blog department, which made her feel unhappy and resigned. As a result, Gao Haining has one less opponent. Charmaine Sheh took advantage of Li Shihua’s special program to suppress her. Will this allow Gao Haining to become more powerful?

Ma Guoming suggested that He Yiting go to the Internet Department. (Screenshot) He Yiting and Wang Yi become colleagues. (Screenshot)

In News Queen, Gao Haining approaches Charmaine Sheh to negotiate terms?

Earlier, Charmaine Sheh and Gong Ci En (Mrs. Fang) went walking together. Every time Ci En picked up a handbag, she hinted to Charmaine Sheh that each handbag was equivalent to a different colleague in SNK News. In order to gain more opportunities as a prime time anchor, Gao Haining approached Charmaine Sheh to negotiate terms… Please see for details.

Among the news queens, what did Gao Haining discover during the case of the arrest of a compensated-dating girl during a single filming?

He Yiting and Ma Guoming were in charge of anchoring this night. Gao Haining was outside with the police filming the arrest of a girl for having sex. During the police operation, Gao Haining picked up a handbag underground… Please see the details.

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