Open mission President of the Orthopedic Association ‘Prof. Dr. Keerati Charoenchonvanich’

Open the mission “Prof. Dr. Kirati Charoenchonvanich”, the new president of the Orthopedics Association, emphasizes the center of orthopedic knowledge. Ready to move forward with 3 plans to create knowledge Access to orthopedics to improve the quality of life of Thai people

“Orthopedics” (Orthopedics) It is the science of treating patients by doctors who specialize in correcting and treating various orthopedics. deformed or deformed, fractured, covering disorders of the musculoskeletal system, nerves and spine In the human body, there is a core of bones that drives the core of the bones for everyday use. relies on joints The propulsion of the joints also requires muscles. For muscles to function, they need the nervous system. The goal and duty of an orthopedic physician is to perform treatment and repair to return to normal functioning.”

current Orthopedic Association of Thailand There are more than 3,000 members who are orthopedic doctors across the country, taking care of people spread across all regions. and is the center of orthopedic knowledge Transfer from doctor to doctor Including from orthopedic doctors to other doctors to work together In terms of people, they need to educate themselves in order to prevent joint, musculoskeletal, and nerve illnesses of all ages.

Recently, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Kirati Charoenchonvanich, the new president of the Orthopedic Association of Thailand, revealed the new mission. Current situation of orthopedic diseases have more volume The reason is that Thailand has truly entered an aging society. which is an age with deterioration of the body more than other ages, especially the deterioration of organs that affect life such as knee joints, hip joints, spine to the bones of the joints

With the aim of being a center to connect networks that take care of the Thai public health system, especially in the areas of bones, joints, muscles and nerves. to have knowledge passed on in the community To achieve sustainability and spread widely throughout the country. For the action plan of the Orthogonal Association This year include

1. Focusing on dissemination of knowledge to the people in each area in different regions, piloted by organizing academic conferences in 3 provinces starting from Sa Kaeo Crown Prince Hospital, Pattani Hospital. and Lampang Center Hospital

2. Preparation of media to provide accurate knowledge on the prevention of various diseases. associated with bones, joints, muscles and nerves Along with finding a distribution channel for the public to reach as much as possible can actually be put into practice.

3. Accelerating the creation of a society of patients under the supervision of orthopedic doctors nationwide. in the same group of diseases, such as diseases of the spine Bone tumors, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis Office syndrome, finger disease, etc.

Prof. Dr. Keerati said that the treatment of patients of Thai doctors, especially in the field of orthopedics. Recognized as the number one in the region There are many knowledges derived from the expertise of Thai physicians, for example, surgery will reduce pain or blood loss. recover quickly As well as various special techniques, resulting in becoming a model for many countries to follow. The association is ready to become a leader and create changes for the world. with support for further development in innovation in patient care Choose the most appropriate and cost-effective technology.

“Although orthopedics is a disease that is mostly caused by degeneration and abnormalities in the body. Different from the group of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) caused by lifestyle behavior. but can take care of themselves for a better quality of life Because the organ cells in the body will deteriorate every second. be it brain cells, heart cells

But the only thing that can make it work again and better is muscle. Importantly, muscles help people balance and walk with balance. It also brings strength to various systems in the body, such as the circulatory system. The oxygen system that takes care of brain cells and heart cells helps bone cells to absorb more calcium.

Page 16, Than Sethakit Newspaper, Year 42, No. 3,860, February 9 – 11, 2023

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