Rafael Nadal, future plans in Mexico, near retirement

There is no better possible climax to a tour of Latin America than playing a match in the Plaza de toros Monumental in Mexico City. Before that unmissable appointment with which Rafael Nadal At the end of his journey, the Spaniard appeared before the accredited media and offered some very interesting reflections on various topics. He spoke again about how he perceives the race for the GOAT, revealed in MD his great desire in terms of his role as a professional tennis player for the coming times and set off alarm bells with a categorical phrase that will have warmed the hearts of all lovers of this sport. In short, once again, Nadal gets wet, speaks clearly and leaves very interesting headlines that are worth reflecting on.

Very nice feelings towards Mexico and competitive future

“I had never been to DF, but I have been to other parts of the country and the truth is that I don’t feel like a foreigner when I am here. There are so many things that unite Spain and Mexico that I feel at home and the language obviously helps. People have treated me in a spectacular way and I love the way of life, the desire to have fun. I hope I have time to explore this country in depth,” said Rafa who surprised everyone with a confession. “I want to enjoy my stay here and the match against Ruud 100%, because it will most likely be the last time I play in Mexico. Acapulco 2023 is not in my plans and the 2024 season seems very far away,” warned the Spaniard. .

Ambition to continue fighting for everything in professional tennis

“For me the main thing right now is to be able to get to the important tournaments in full physical condition. I continue to enjoy day to day and I continue to have goals that excite me at a professional level. I’m going to try to achieve them until my body or mind say enough. At the moment, that hasn’t happened so I want to continue,” says Nadal who is preparing conscientiously for the 2023 Australian Open, where he defends the title and could increase his advantage over Novak Djokovic in terms of the fight to be the tennis player who has the most Grand Slam titles. “I am happy doing what I do, I love competing on the big stages and the love of the people encouraged me to continue,” he argued.

GOAT race and option for a future tour with Federer

“Right now I think it’s clear that the debate is between three players. I think we all have arguments to be able to consider ourselves holders of that “title” of the best in history. Personally, it’s something that doesn’t take away my sleep because I think “The three of us have surpassed everything we could have imagined achieving. With our results, we have taken this sport to a higher level and the debate about who is the GOAT is more a matter of the press”, declared Rafa, who had beautiful words towards Roger Federer. “We have lived a very nice rivalry and I hope that soon we can do a joint tour in which we play against each other in places that could not enjoy our history. Mexico would be an ideal place,” he said. Rafael Nadal.

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