Rigorious – Night Of Retribution – Album Review

2023-11-14 07:00:30

Rigorious – Night Of Retribution
Monheim / Germany
Label: Metalapolis Records
Melodic Power Metal

Just like in Heavy Metal, there are a lot of new and really good releases in Power Metal this year. I particularly like it in my eyes, or better yet, in my ears Metalapolis Records jumped because they promote and publish exactly these types of bands.

That was reason enough for me to focus on the debut album by the Germans Rigorous too busy. I remembered the band from Monheim because of their EP release last year. The two Power Metal songs included there, each in two versions, were characterized by a positive feeling and an exuberant amount of melodies.

The anthemic something

These two tracks from last year Power Of My Sword as well as Iron Wings can also be found on the debut. Added another eight numbers brings it Night Of Retribution over forty varied and, above all, melodic minutes. In contrast to other bands in the genre, the focus is on Rigorous not on aggressive and forward-whipping guitars, but on melodies that encourage you to sing along.

The equal use of symphonic keyboards ensures that certain something in the band’s sound. Despite it Chris Boltendahl Taking over the production, he gave the band the freedom to implement their own understanding of power metal. So anyone who suspects that this album has parallels to… Grave Digger you can immediately reject it.

In addition to the anthemic and decisive keyboards, it is the singer’s pleasant voice Lukas Remus, which influences the overall result. His way of singing, combined with the large, easy-to-record melodies, makes for easy listening pleasure. That’s why the listener has from the opener Victory the feeling of being able to sing along while chugging a few beers down your throat, which should add to the enjoyment.

Keyboards, guitars and all kinds of shades

Rigorous do everything right on the album. So the one oversized number may be missing, but it’s there for it Night Of Retribution without experiments and failures. Personally, I miss some more defining guitars. Of course, there are also nice solo excursions on the strings, like for example Fight For Your Lives occurs. However, due to the basic musical orientation, the solo work is audibly omitted from the keyboard playing. To underline this claim acoustically, I would like HERE Fight For Your Lives Recommend because the song summarizes all of the band’s trademarks well.

The result is a successful mix of melodic power metal with fat sing-along choirs, which also includes medieval shades such as harp playing Brothers Arise having. In contrast, there are individual, somewhat harder songs like the dark one Ride Till We Diewhich provides variety.

But things don’t get too dark, because with Behind The Curtains and the climactic ballad Lost there is easily digestible food again Chris Boltendahl at Lost can also be heard as a second voice, which gives the vocal parts a nice tone. The bouncer is called Power Of My Sword and comes across as strong and driving. The song would also have been a perfect opener and proves that Rigorous delivering quality from the first to the last track.

Night Of Retribution is a successful debut and will please those who like symphonic and melodic power metal. Rigorous deliver ten high-quality songs, which, thanks to their successful melodies, will trigger sing-along choirs at concerts or create catchy tunes for listeners at home. 8 / 10

Line Up
Lukas Remus – Gesang
Paul Reil – drums
Lukas Famula – Gitarre
Sebastian Kanczok – Bass
Christopher Blankenaufulland – guitar

01. Victory
02. Lay With Me
03. Iron Wings
04. Fight For Your Lives
05. Brothers Arise
06. Children Of The Night
07. Ride Till We Die
08. Behind The Curtains
09. Lost
10. Power Of My Sword

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