Riots in Oupeye: Shocking Footage and Updates on Domenico D’atria’s Death and Police Clashes

2023-08-28 12:36:13

Following the death of Domenico D’atria, which occurred on Friday August 18 in Oupeye, riots broke out, clearly targeting the police. For several nights, thugs gathered in Oupeye and Herstal to confront the police. They were stoned and lured into ambushes, street furniture was vandalized, cobblestones uprooted and, in Herstal, a school was even damaged.

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On August 19, the day after the events, Serge Fillot, mayor of Oupeye, made a strong decision: “Following the riots that took place last night in Oupeye, due to the tragic death of a citizen on Friday at the end of noon, the mayor, in collaboration with the order and security services, confirms the following preventive measure: ban on gatherings of more than 4 people throughout the municipal territory and police control is authorized in the event of a gathering on the public road,” he said.

This measure was in effect until Monday, August 28. “I have just extended it”, he announces to us. “And this, for a period of one week. »

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