Spectacular Car Accident on E411: Vehicle Crosses Central Berm – Dinaphi Relief Area

2023-09-02 16:14:33

A spectacular accident took place this Saturday shortly before 3 p.m. on the E411, near Conneux and AchĂȘne (Ciney). Two cars traveling towards Luxembourg collided and one of them crossed the central berm, to finish its race on the strips in the opposite direction, indicates the federal police. The driver of this last vehicle was slightly injured and transported to hospital, said the federal police. The other motorist was not hit.

A car crossed the central berm. – Dinaphi relief area. A major deployment. – Dinaphi relief area.

Spokesperson Dinaphi specifies that firefighters from the area were also called to the scene with a pumper, an officer and beaconing from Ciney as well as another beaconing from Beauraing. It also indicates that one of the vehicles was a hybrid vehicle.

Traffic was released by mid-afternoon.

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