Stop the Crisis of Reception: Battle for Squatters’ Rights on rue de la Loi

2023-08-27 13:31:00

The occupants of a squat in the rue de la Loi in Brussels oppose their scheduled eviction on August 31, communicates the support collective “Stop the crisis of reception”. The justice of the peace, however, decided earlier this week that they had to leave the premises.

“Stop the reception crisis” did not expect such an outcome. A little earlier, the justice of the peace ordered the Belgian State to pay the costs generated by the building’s water and electricity consumption.

“Toc Toc Nicole”: the Belgian State and Fedasil will have to pay for the water and electricity of the squatters on rue de la Loi

At the beginning of July, the Brussels labor court gave the federal government the task of improving living conditions in the squat.

At the end of June, he imposed on the government and the Federal Agency for the reception of asylum seekers, Fedasil, to take over the management of the building.

The Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Nicole de Moor (CD&V), had appealed against these decisions and the justice of the peace ruled in her favor.

“Serious human consequences”

In support of the 100 occupants, “Stop the reception crisis” will go to the squat on August 31 next to the CD&V headquarters, at 91 rue de la Loi.

“This is an illegal and shameful situation that has serious human consequences,” said one of its members, Sacha. “Every day, new asylum seekers join the thousands of people who already live on the streets, more hidden than ever,” he denounces.

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The action group also criticizes that “no concrete measures have yet been put on the table” to remedy the “agonizing and insecure” situation of the squat.

According to him, the federal government refuses to take a stand in favor of a dignified and humane reception policy. “This for fear of losing voters,” says the collective.

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