Super Bomberman R2: The Ultimate Review and Game Modes Explained for all Platforms – PS, Switch, Steam, Xbox

2023-09-19 11:34:23
Super Bomberman R2 Brief Review|The latest game in the “Super Bomberman” series has been launched on all platforms including PS, Switch, Steam, and XBox. The following is the game trial report of the “Hong Kong 01” Technology Toy Channel. Rediscover your childhood memories of the classic Bomberman “Super Bomberman R 2” Super Bomberman R2 is the latest work in the Bomberman series; if we only count console games, the last episode of Bomberman was already 2017’s “Super Bomberman R”. A full 6 years. The reporter himself has not played Bomberman for many years. When he was a child, he often went to his classmates’ homes to play “Bomberman World” on PlayStation 1. At that time, he would ask a few classmates to use “Four Plugs” to play against five people, which was very enjoyable. Back then, I used four plugs to play PS1 Bomberman 👉Lies of P strategy|Pinocchio’s Lies Game Review System Commentary + Strongest Weapon Recommendation Added asymmetric 16-player battle Compared with 2017’s “Super Bomberman R”, this episode R2 has added a lot of new content: First of all, there is a new asymmetric battle mode “Castle Mode”: the game has one player defending the city, and the remaining 15 players are the siege team. The siege team needs to obtain the specified number within a time limit. The key is to open the treasure chest located deep in the castle to win, and the defender must guard at least one treasure chest within the time limit. “Super Bomberman R 2” 👉How does iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max rank in Hong Kong compared to global selling prices? Of course, in a 1 vs. 15 situation, the defender will have extra help to help defend. Players can create levels and deploy various mechanisms such as cannons and slingshots, as well as the newly added “Source Stone Elf” in this episode. Terrain and walls to hinder the opponent’s attack. When there is not much time left, the defending player will further strengthen and can use the big sword to knock the enemy away directly. The attacker must pass through the levels and blow up the traps along the way to obtain the treasure chest. The 64-player battle royale mode is quite enjoyable. The last episode of “Super Bomberman R” only allowed up to 8 people to fight, but this time R2 introduces the 64-player battle royale mode from “Super Bomberman R Online”: the classic bomb The human gameplay is combined with the battle royale “Chicken Eater” gameplay. 64 people will be randomly assigned to 16 interconnected 4-person areas at the beginning. Every once in a while, some areas will be closed and remain outside the circle before the time limit. Of course, the players will be eliminated; and the last one left in the brawl will naturally be the Ying family. Even if you don’t have friends to play Bomberman with, you can play 64 Brawl online alone👉Mobile games can’t stop making money|The Collapsed Sky Railroad made 500 million U.S. dollars in 3 months, FGO’s revenue in eight years exceeded 1 trillion Cross-platform battle/single player Multiplayer play/level editor provides endless possibilities. Of course, in addition to the castle mode and 64 brawl mode, there are also traditional 4-player battle modes and tournament modes; and the most important thing is that the game supports cross-platform battles (very important) and NPC fill-in. Function, don’t worry about not finding anyone to play against. The online battle mode has seasons and rankings. It is also worth mentioning that both the Switch and PS versions of the game also support single-player multiplayer play. Players who are not interested in ranking can also simply play it as a party game; a rare party game on PlayStation is finally here. One more member. This episode also adds a level editor function. Players can design their own maps and upload them to the Internet to play with friends. Players can also download maps made by other players in the game to play. With user generated content, the game’s content is greatly increased. Playability. In recent years, PlayStation has rarely seen games that support single-player multiplayer. 👉Steam Deck is now available with a 20% discount | 15 must-play, discounted games are recommended in addition to various battle modes. “Super Bomberman R 2” is the latest game in the series. Of course, it also has a complete single-player story mode. Even if you are not too interested in hard-core battles, you can still enjoy the fun of Bomberman’s world view. The PS version, Switch version and Steam version are all better than each other. “Super Bomberman R 2” has been launched on multiple platforms. Taking into account portability and playing anytime and anywhere, the Switch version is of course the first choice, but the game can only run at 30FPS on the Switch. Although Bomberman’s Q-style game is not very particular about graphics, when multiple people play together, they still need to connect to a large TV. At this time, the smoothness gap between 30FPS and 60FPS can be even more obvious. Bomberman has always been an action game, and of course the smoother the better 👉The iPhone 15 Pro is the first to add light-tracing technology, making it a gaming artifact! Reporters who have played both versions of Resident Evil 4 and transplants of many masterpieces feel that although Bomberman is a game with gameplay first and graphics second, the visual experience is always much better on the version with better performance. Character movement alone Doubling the smoothness is already a big difference; bomb explosions and various scene special effects are also more beautiful. Therefore, if you can sit down and play Bomberman, of course the PS/Xbox version will have a better experience; but if you attach great importance to portability, or you only plan to play Bomberman when taking a ride, going out on the street, etc., then the Switch version Also a good choice. Players who want to play cross-platform and are not afraid of finding opponents and have a Steam Deck can consider the Steam version, so that they can play on the computer at home and use the Steam Deck when going out or lying in bed, with ease. But anyway, the game has cross-platform battles, so you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong version or being unable to connect to your friends. You just need to choose the platform that suits you. 👉Apple Watch Series 9, Ultra 2|The new gesture operation is super practical! A brief summary of the 5 major upgrade focuses: A game that brings back memories and is worth playing. The reporter personally feels that this time “Super Bomberman R 2” Super Bomberman R2 is quite good. The rich game modes bring many changes to the traditional Bomberman gameplay, and the battle game It is relatively playable in itself, and the level editor in this episode is expected to bring more possibilities and playable content to the game. You don’t have to worry about buying the game and running out of fun to play it after a while. “Super Bomberman R 2” Super Bomberman R2 was launched on September 14 this year on Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch. “Super Bomberman R 2”
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