“Liège Street Reversal: A Famous Change That Will Turn Heads”

2023-05-19 15:35:03 Indeed, it was reversed in the direction towards the station. And it seems it’s forever? Can you imagine? Generations of Liège have taken this street one way, always leaning their heads to the left. And now they will have to turn it to the right. Famous change! Ladies, if your companion comes back … Read more

“Andrew and Fabienne’s Tragic Accident: Updates, News and More”

2023-05-15 13:56:51 ** ******** ***** ******* ******* ****** **** *** ** ***** ** ************ ***** ******** ********** ** **** ****** *********** ** *************** *** *** **** ************ ****** ** ********* **** ***** *** ***** ********** *** ** ********** **** ********** ******** *** **** *** ****** ** ******** ** ********* ** ************ * *** **** ** … Read more

“The Best Supermarket Promotions in Belgium: A Consumer’s Guide”

2023-05-12 09:17:53 With us, customers of supermarkets love promotions of all kinds, even if some are more successful than others. This is according to a study conducted by Gondola, the retail specialist, and Shelf Service: both examined store promotions, the way they are communicated and the impact on the way of consuming and buying. client. … Read more

“Koura Security Bureau Intelligence Raids Tal al-Arab Shooter’s House: Details and Updates”

2023-05-09 13:49:40 The representative of “Lebanon 24” reported that a patrol of the Koura Security Bureau intelligence, supported by an army force, raided the house of the shooter in the Tal al-Arab area, due to the trouble that occurred in the town of Anfeh – the Koura district, which led to the fall of an … Read more

“Residents near Brussels Metro Lines 1 and 5 suffer from daily vibrations – Complaints and Solutions”

2023-05-04 04:43:00 For nearly a year, Isabel has been woken up every morning in the early hours by her shaking bed. The reason for this tremor? The metro which passes close to his home and more particularly the M7 trains which are present on lines 1 and 5. “I am not at home during the … Read more

“Crossing the Border: Belgian Shoppers Flock to French Supermarkets to Beat Rising Food Prices”

2023-05-01 14:49:44 Food prices have risen sharply in Belgium. More and more Belgians are therefore deciding to cross the border to do their shopping in France. In the Carrefour d’Amentières car park, cars registered in Belgium have always been numerous. But lately, their number would be on the rise, according to our colleagues from The … Read more