Belgian Eel Poaching: Arrests Made in Finistère by French Gendarmes

2023-09-27 17:05:00 We could have said that the Breton gendarmes carried out a famous dragnet by catching these Belgians who were not coming as tourists to their beautiful region. Far from there ! We already mentioned this story last week, explaining that they had been arrested in the Finistère department. Placed under surveillance by three … Read more

Ivan Romeo (Spain) Wins Stage 5 of Tour de l’Avenir, Retains High Ranking

2023-08-25 01:14:22 Ivan Romeo (Spain) won alone, this Thursday, the fifth stage of the Tour de l’Avenir (Nations Hopes’ Cup), disputed between La-Tour-de-Salvagny (Rhône) and Lac d’Aiguebelette (Savoie) over a distance of 138.3 kilometers. He beat Jan Christen (Switzerland) and Francesco Busatto (Italy).Simon Dalby (Denmark) retains the overall leader’s yellow jersey. Classification of the 5th … Read more

Riley Pickrell (Canada) Wins Stage 2 of Tour de l’Avenir, Michal Pomorski (Poland) Takes Lead in General Classification

2023-08-21 19:48:37 Riley Pickrell (Canada) won, this Monday, the second stage of the Tour de l’Avenir (Nations Hopes Cup), disputed between Nozay (Loire-Atlantique) and Chinon (Indre-et-Loire) over a distance of 195 kilometers . He beat Radoslaw Fratczak (Poland) and Rotem Tene (Israel).Michal Pomorski (Poland) is the new leader of the general classification. Ranking of the … Read more

COVID-19 Update: ERIS Variant and Vaccination Campaign in France

2023-08-20 20:46:30 10:42 p.m. by Dolores CHARLES Covid-19 is making a comeback this summer, with the new ERIS variant. A vaccine capable of targeting it should be available as early as September. And in October, a vaccination campaign will be offered in France to people at risk, but it will remain open to all those … Read more

Very rare and beautiful images of bioluminescence on a beach in France

2023-07-24 16:49:16 You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Kezako: Could bioluminescence be used for everyday lighting? Some animals, plants and bacteria are capable of producing light. This… A French amateur photographer managed to take a photo of bioluminescence on the beaches of Sarzeau in Brittany on July 9th. This phenomenon is very rare on … Read more

“Titouan Fontaine claims victory in 1st stage of Center Morbihan Trophy (Nations Cup)”

2023-05-20 17:09:00 Titouan Fontaine (France) won this Saturday the 1st stage of the Center Morbihan Trophy (Nations Cup), disputed around Grand-Champ over a distance of 128.9 kilometers. He sprinted ahead of his two breakaway companions, Ben Wiggins (Great Britain) and Clément Sanchez (Pays de la Loire). Titouan Fontaine also becomes the first leader of this … Read more