All against Illa | Elections in Catalonia 12-M

All once morest Salvador Illa. The surprise electoral call in Catalonia, by the work and will of the president of the Generalitat, the Republican Pere Aragonès, and without evidence of the collusion between ERC and PSC that Junts per Catalunya denounces, will place the socialist candidate as a stark target of the independentists. The former … Read more

Together he maintains that Sánchez and Aragonès agreed to advance the election to prevent the candidacy of Puigdemont Elections in Catalonia 12-M

The political and legal objective of Junts, Carles Puigdemont’s party, is now for the former Catalan president to be able to attend in person, as he wishes, to the investiture session of the new president of Catalonia who emerges from the May 12 elections, a session that might take place in mid-July, according to its … Read more

Feijóo charges against Sánchez: “Pack your bags and abandon the responsibilities that you do not exercise” | Spain

The hardness in Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s tone advances one step more every day. Only 24 hours following Congress approved the amnesty law by an absolute majority, the leader of the PP appeared before his people at a party event in Ávila, where he made all kinds of statements once morest the Government. “If citizens are … Read more

War of interpretations between the Government and the PP on the Venice Commission | Spain

The final report of the Venice Commission this Friday endorsed the essence and spirit of the amnesty law. But the advisory and non-executive body of the Council of Europe then lists a series of criticisms once morest the norm approved this Thursday in Congress, such as its urgent processing or the extension of the temporal … Read more

The Venice Commission calls for narrowing the temporal scope and coverage of the amnesty | Spain

The first round of the battle for the amnesty law in international bodies comes to an end. The Venice Commission, an advisory body of the Council of Europe – which is not part of the EU institutions – made up of experts in constitutional law, approved this morning by general consensus its opinion on the … Read more

Aragonès shakes the Spanish political board with the early elections in Catalonia | Elections in Catalonia 12-M

The chips on the Spanish political board received a new shakeup this Wednesday from Catalonia, and not because of something already volcanic, such as the amnesty law, which is being voted on this Thursday in Congress. In a new unforeseen turn, the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, called early elections for May 12 following … Read more

Vox and PP exhibit their differences in a lackluster rally against the amnesty | Spain

In the final stretch of the parliamentary processing of the Amnesty Law, the protest in the street has lost steam this Saturday. Whether due to the unpleasant weather in Madrid (intense cold and intermittent rain) or due to fatigue, the concentration in the central Plaza de Cibeles has not been as successful as its predecessors, … Read more

Pere Aragonès: “After the amnesty, the legislature can move forward if the commitments on financing and plurinationality are met” | News from Catalonia

The agreement on the amnesty law reached this week between the PSOE and the Catalan independence parties has caught the president, Pere Aragonès, in the midst of negotiations to approve the accounts of the Generalitat, in his last year of legislature. At the head of a Government in a minority in the Parliament, he maintains … Read more