Ezra Miller Warner Bros Projects Paused After Arrest

Screenshot: Warner Bros. DC and Warner Bros. executives held an “emergency impromptu meeting to discuss Ezra Miller’s future with the studio,” according to a new report from Rolling Stone. This meeting came after Miller’s recent arrest in Hawaii for disorderly conduct and harassment after they yelled at karaoke singers, lunged at a man playing darts, … Read more

Halo Streaming First Episode of Show Free on YouTube

Master Chief carries the new Halo show.Image: Paramount+ Imagine being a fan of Halowaiting what feels like decades to see the game brought to live-action, only for it to happen, it be released, and you can’t watch it. That surely happened to some of the faithful this week whon Halo debuted on Paramount+if they weren’t … Read more

Umbrella Academy Season 3 First Look—Elliot Page Reveals Viktor

Elliot Page on the Umbrella Academy set.Photo: Netflix As Season Three of Umbrella Academy wraps, the cast and production have revealed that Elliot Page, who uses both he and they pronouns, is returning to the show as Viktor Hargreeves. Previously playing a character named Vanyathe change comes in the wake of Page’s own announcement of … Read more

Major theater chains turned everyone who saw The Batman into a clown

The BatmanPhoto: Jonathan Olley/Warner Bros. Last week, AMC Theatres elicited a lot of offended gasps from movie fans after CEO Adam Aron announced that the company would be jacking up ticket prices for The Batmansomething he explained was perfectly normal in “European theaters” (ooh la la) and is already commonplace in America for sporting events, … Read more

Season 1, Episode 1, “The Never New”

Christine Baranski stars in The Gilded AgePhoto: Alison Roma/HBO Agnes van Rhijn: You are my niece, and you belong to old New York. When Downton Abbey crossed the pond to PBS in 2011, the truncated form it arrived in—edited down from seven episodes to four—was a sign of how little Masterpiece expected of the winter-filler … Read more

Star Trek 2022 Premiere Dates—Picard S2, Strange New Worlds

You’re going to be trekkin’ a LOT this year.Image: Paramount+ If you thought 2020’s 23-week-run of Lower Decks into Discovery was a considerable amount of Star Trek to consume, well, 2022 is looking like it’s going to dunk your head into a holodeck and not let go for quite some time. Today Paramount+ announced a … Read more