Nintendo Switch / Android accessibility controller “Lite SE” to be released

8BitDo, a peripheral device manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China, will be an accessibility controller for game users who have difficulty moving on Wednesday, June 15th.「Lite SE」Was announced to be released.Official online storeWe have started accepting advance reservations at. (The image is8BitDo official website “Lite SE. For Gamers with Limited Mobility”Than) Lite SE is a small … Read more

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II” game video is released for the first time.Announced the implementation of open beta test

Activision will be released on Thursday, June 9th『Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II』The latest trailer that unveiled the in-game video for the first time was released. shooting game『Call of Duty』The video, which contains the latest title of the series, the pattern of this work for about one and a half minutes,PriceMultinational task force led“Task Force … Read more

The game information program “PC Gaming Show” will be broadcast on June 13. “Future Games Show” will be delivered on the 12th

PC Gamer, an overseas game media, is a game information program sponsored by the magazine on May 19th (Thursday).「PC Gaming Show」Announced that it will be delivered from 4:30 am on Monday, June 13, Japan time. Save the date: The PC Gaming Show will return Sunday, June 12 at 12:30 pm Pacific with dozens of exclusive … Read more

3D images that reproduce Japanese stations with “Unreal Engine 5” are talked about as “only visible in live action”

The latest game engine from Epic Games「Unreal Engine 5」A 3D image that reproduces a certain station in Japan using“It looks almost like a live-action film”It has become a hot topic. While a personally produced video by an overseas artist,YouTube postSeems to be getting a lot of attention, such as over 70,000 plays in 3 days. … Read more

GBA compatible machine “Pocket HDMI Advance for GBA” capable of monitor output to be released

On Wednesday, April 27, Columbus Circle will be able to enjoy the Game Boy Advance (GBA) software on the large screen through the LCD and HDMI output of the main unit.“Pocket HDMI Advance for GBA”Will be released in early June. (The image isColumbus Circle Official TwitterThan) This product is7 inch LCD monitorPortable compatible machine for … Read more

A new work of “Tales from the Borderlands” that draws a spin-off story of “Borderlands” will be released

Gearbox Software will launch a shooting RPG on Friday, April 22nd.“Borderlands”About the series, I drew a spin-off episode“Tales from the Borderlands”Has announced plans to release a new work in 2022. There are more stories to explore in the #Borderlands universe. An all new Tales from the Borderlands adventure is coming in 2022 from @GearboxOfficial and … Read more