PlayStation Plus online multiplayer will be free for everyone for the weekend | video games | Spain | Mexico | USA | TECHNOLOGY

Sony has announced the return of one of their favorite promotions: the Free Online Multiplayer Free Weekend. The promotion means that all PS4 and PS5 users will be able to enjoy the multiplayer of PlayStation Plus for free, but for a limited time. MIRA: Orb X: the immersive capsule for video games that seeks to … Read more

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 presents its multiplayer with third person mode

Activision Blizzard has celebrated this afternoon the Call of Duty Nextan event focused on the saga Call of Duty that has allowed us to know new details of the future of the saga among which is, of course, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) the next canon installment that will go on sale on … Read more

Halo Infinite – August 2022 Drop Pod Patches

343 Industries announced it last weeknew Drop pod of Halo Infinite is now available on all platforms. It offers its share of fixes and rebalancing, as well as some new features. Official patchnotes are available at Halo Waypointand we offer a translation below. Update Weight All platforms combined: 2 GB maximum. New features Visor compatibility … Read more

Halo Infinite – A bug downloads too much data

The official Twitter account Halo Support said today that the Drop Pod update expected for next month, August, would contain the resolution of a bug that is currently causing excessive data downloading in the multiplayer mode menus of Halo Infinite. “Excessive” how much? He’s a Reddit user Halo who give the answer : by inspecting … Read more

The concert was ridiculed by Ah Han in public for “Love Multiplayer Sports Roar” Luo Zhixiang personally revealed the inside story of the loss: I am not everyone’s joke | Entertainment | CTWANT

Luo Zhixiang’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Zhou Yangqing has severely damaged his acting career. After fading out of the screen for two years, he began to slowly make a comeback. Last night, after 6 years of violating the law, he once again stood on the Taipei Arena to hold a concert, and the scene was … Read more

Crash Bandicoot Could Return to Battle in a New Four-Player Multiplayer Game – Rumor

Playstation star at the end 90s thanks to three cult platform games developed by Naughty Dog, Crash Bandicoot has since emancipated itself and can now be found on all platforms. All the canonical episodes are also available on Nintendo Switch, including the latest, Crash Bandicoot 4 : It’s About Time developed by Toys for Bob … Read more

Evil Dead: The Game, a first sales figure for the horror game with asymmetrical gameplay

Boss Team Games et Saber Interactive launched on Friday May 13 Evil Dead: The Gamea multiplayer action horror game gameplay asymmetricinspired by Dead by Daylight and especially of Friday the 13th: The Game. A recipe that works, and the game has already attracted many players. In its last financial statement, Embracer Groupowner of Saber Interactivehas … Read more