“Unspoken Fears in Government and the Fierce Outburst of Sergio Massa”

The communication between journalists and sources can be straightforward or challenging. Sources may respond promptly to media inquiries or take several days. Journalists may have to endure waiting times or go to great lengths to secure interviews. Sometimes, communications occur unexpectedly, with a secretary returning a call instead of the intended official. When both parties … Read more

He stays for a few days in a mountain refuge in Sanabria without warning… and his wife activates a search operation

He stays for a few days in a mountain refuge in Sanabria without warning… and his wife activates a search operationassigned What started with a search operation by one 62 year old man lost in the sanabria mountain ended with this call: “I’m fine, I’ve just decided to stay a few days at the shelter.” … Read more

He accepted the marriage proposal, but days later he dies from using the wrong spoon

Craig McKinnon was with his girlfriend Jess Prinsloo in South Africa. A cup of tea and a spoon marked the sad end for her. Craig McKinnon he had prepared everything for the trip to South Africa with his girlfriend Jess Prinsloo was unforgettable. Much of her family lives in South Africa, and for him there … Read more

how much does it pay you in 30 days if you invest $20,000, $50,000 or $100,000

In times of high inflation, the minimum expected from a investment in pesos is that when withdrawing the money the profit obtained at least compensate price increases for the period. That is the paste or -ideally- beat inflation. The traditional fixed termFor much of the past year, failed to comply that requirement since people made … Read more

Peru: state of emergency declared throughout the country for 30 days – Latin America – International

The Peruvian Government declared this Wednesday a state of emergency throughout the country for 30 days, which implies the suspension of assembly rights, inviolability of the home and freedom of transit, among others, while evaluating the possibility of declaring a curfew. . (Also: The nightmare of Colombians trapped in Cuzco, Peru, by protests) “The state … Read more

The ordeal of a father who, 189 days later, received the call of his son, an Argentine imprisoned in the suffocating “pot of Africa”

SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE Oscar told Clarín the other side of a story of despair: his son Nicolás Bossie was detained in a jail in the hottest place in Mali, where “he did not see the sun.” His passport expired in a country where that is a crime. Oscar says that he has no more tears to … Read more