More than half a million people vaccinated in Germany – RKI registers 24,694 new corona infections

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This is how the demands of employees working from home are changing

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RKI reports almost 12,000 new infections and 944 deaths – retail in the Corona year with the largest increase in sales since 1994

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USA extend stop of work visas – Merz calls for schools to open as soon as possible

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Jens Spahn surprised about the early start of vaccination – Horst Seehofer against special rights for vaccinated people

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Over 32,000 new infections – NRW wants to introduce compulsory tests for travelers with immediate effect

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Curevac tests new vaccine – Virologist Drosten “not very concerned” about mutation

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Germany secures additional vaccination doses – Johnson tightened corona measures

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Nationwide lockdown probably before December 16 – USA want to start vaccinating on Monday

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