Mysterious Paternity: A Shocking Conspiracy Unveiled in Heilongjiang

2023-09-28 14:17:48 A woman in Heilongjiang got married and had three children, but her husband suspected that they were not her biological children. (Image/reproduced from pixabay) Generally speaking, family members who are related by blood should have similar looks. However, there is a father in Heilongjiang, China. He felt that his three children looked nothing … Read more

Claiming Royal Blood: Former Israeli Hotel Receptionist’s Battle to Join Moroccan Royal Family

2023-08-28 13:38:12 Former Israeli hotel receptionist Jane Benzaquen, 70, claims she is the illegitimate daughter of former Moroccan King Hassan II. (Composite image/Flip screen/Wikipedia) The Moroccan royal family may have an “undesirable” new royal family member. The 70-year-old former Israeli hotel receptionist Jane Benzaquen (Jane Benzaquen) claims that she is the illegitimate daughter of the … Read more

“Loophole-Free Bell Experiment Using Superconducting Qubit” – Nature Highlight in May 2023

2023-05-11 01:10:14 Nature highlight May 11, 2023 Nature 6177960 The Bell inequality has helped shed light on the structure of correlations allowed by quantum mechanics and what this theory of physics says about the world. Experimental verification of the Bell inequality is also of practical importance, as it allows confirmation of the existence of true … Read more

“Newly Discovered Semi-Nudibranch Species in Brunei Rainforest – Microparmarion Sallehi”

2023-04-17 06:27:00 Monday 17 April 2023 House offers shelter, not a home Unknown species of semi-nudibranch discovered The newly discovered species was named “Microparmarion sallehi”. (Photo: picture alliance/dpa/M. Schilthuizen) Only last year was it possible to research the group of semi-slugs – now they are already growing. In the rain forests of Brunei, experts are … Read more

“Unlocking the Potential of Endogenous Retroviruses (ERVs) in Fighting Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide”

2023-04-16 21:45:14 Endogenous retroviruses (ERVs) that “parasitize” human DNA may hold the key to the fight against cancer. (Schematic / Piqsels) Scientists have discovered an endogenous retrovirus (ERV) that has “parasitic” on human DNA for millions of years and may hold the key to fighting or even preventing cancer. When cancer cells in the human … Read more