Russo-Ukrainian War Weakening China’s Military Power?Engine shortage military expert: 40% of China’s fighter jets will be affected | International | Newtalk News

The Chinese J-20, a fifth-generation fighter jet equipped with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force, adopts a single-seat, twin-engine, duck-type aerodynamic layout design and is recently used for war patrols in the East China Sea and the South China Sea. Figure: Extracted from Wikipedia (data photo) Experts attending a meeting of the China Aerospace … Read more

Steam receives a free benchmark to put Unreal Engine 5 to the test

Unreal Engine 5 surprises us daily with new let’s give techniques that demonstrate the enormous potential of the most recent version of the Epic Games engine, which by the way will use long-awaited titles such as the new The Witcher, Tomb Raider o Avowed. As you can imagine, being an engine designed specifically for the … Read more

Arma Reforger: a transition episode to show the Enfusion engine while waiting for Arma 4

Oui, Bohemia Interactive develop Arma 4, the next major installment in its franchise of realistic, tactical shooters. But the project is long, and the studio wants to involve its (very active) community with a transition episode that will serve to perfect its new game engine Enfusion. so here’s Arma Reforgerwhich has just been released in … Read more

In Russia, a service for the transfer of cars from internal combustion engines to electricity has been launched – Wylsacom

Russian startup Edison Technologies has opened a station in Moscow to turn ICE vehicles into electric vehicles. The startup was founded by Mikhail Krapivny, who also develops and manufactures ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles. The conversion includes the installation of an electric motor, batteries and a battery management system. Also, in addition, the car … Read more

Paolo Falzone admits having boosted the engine of his car, “he becomes aware of the consequences of his unconsciousness”

Published on Thursday, April 28, 2022 at 7:35 p.m. Par Johanne Tinck EXCLUSIVE. Paolo Falzone is appearing this Friday before the Council Chamber. According to his lawyer, the driver at the origin of the drama of Strépy, realized the consequences of his unconsciousness. He admits having driven too fast, at the wheel of a boosted … Read more