“Business Tax Expenses During the Pandemic: Examining the 440 Billion Euro Cost to the Government”

2023-04-22 05:44:17 Business tax expenses The corona pandemic has cost the federal government 440 billion euros so far Status: 07:44 a.m | Reading time: 3 minutes Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD): During the Corona crisis, he was Finance Minister responsible for the federal budget Those: Armando Franca/AP/dpa You can listen to our WELT podcasts here In … Read more

List of the Ministry of Finance: 21 heads of authorities earn more than Scholz

Treasury Department list 21 heads of authorities earn more than Scholz 12/22/2022 1:33 am In the private sector, high executive salaries are part of the business. However, managers of state-owned companies can also be rewarded handsomely. Bahn boss Lutz, for example, earns almost three times as much as the chancellor. “Scholz, on the other hand, … Read more

Relief for retirees: 300 euros flat rate for retirees – that applies

The fact that the energy price flat rate was initially only intended for all employees subject to income tax caused excitement and anger among pensioners. But the federal government has heard the uproar and is now donating the 300 euros to retirees as well. Read here what there is to know about it. With the … Read more

Lindner wants the debt brake – and reaches for the 48 billion joker

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Relief for consumers? Dispute over unused EEG billions comes to a head

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Federal government must support energy companies with billions

Federal government must support energy companies with billions

economy Fear of “Domino Effect” Federal government must support energy companies with billions Status: 01:00 a.m | Reading time: 3 minutes Source: Infographic WORLD Even before the war in Ukraine, prices on the energy exchanges exploded. A growing number of companies are now threatened with insolvency – because they immediately have to add billions of … Read more