The super-handsome male idol broke out after drinking and cheating on the recording file exposed: I want to take her with a knife | Entertainment | CTWANT

Ravn (Kim Young-suk), a member of the popular new-generation Korean boy group ONEUS, was exposed. He also threatened the woman and even cheated after drinking. He even threatened to stab her with a knife, and now the brokerage company has rushed to respond. Ravn revealed that he dated a Japanese woman after a one-night stand, … Read more

Anson Lo and Jeremy return from Japan to 300 fans to pick up the plane

MIRROR, which was suspended for two months due to a serious accident at the concert, recently released a new song “We All Are”, and Shangtai also announced the “La Kuo Concert God’s La Kuo” co-organized by Lu Hanting (Anson Lo) and Zheng Xinyi, and 12 The basketball event “903 ALL STAR Playoffs” that Zi Youcheng … Read more

The story of leaving home and leaving the well | Former TVB screenwriter Heidi unfortunately suffered from cancer and moved to the UK to recover

The new Hong Kong TV show “The Story of Leaving the Hometown and the Well”, created by the gold medal producer Zhang Zhiming and the behind-the-scenes team of “Marry to the Edge of the World”, premiered last night (10th), and the first episode was brought to you by host Jessica One of the emerging Hong … Read more

Rose Ma, Ma Junyi, went to the sea to show off her good figure and risked losing her self-deprecating self-deprecation

The 29-year-old “Goddess of E-sports” Rose Ma (Ma Junyi) used to show her sexy image. She has released two photo albums “First Rose Ma” and “2nd Impact”, but in recent years, she has put away her sexy and turned to Wen Qing line. . Yesterday (25th), she went out to sea with her friends. After … Read more

Entry 0+3|Super Junior Comes to Hong Kong in November

South Korean girl group BLACKPINK announced earlier that they would come to Hong Kong to hold a concert in January. Due to Hong Kong’s entry quarantine policy, many netizens thought that this concert would have a chance to be cancelled, but today (23/9) the government announced that the entry quarantine “0+ 3” will be implemented … Read more

The 25-year-old female singer is suspected of being secretly photographed and called the police for help?Huhua male series ONE PROMISE lead voice Wendi

The police recently received a report from a 25-year-old woman surnamed Mai, saying that she was suspected of being photographed secretly in Lei Jing Wan, Sai Wan River. The man who was with him approached the man surnamed Fan involved and entangled him on the ground. The police later arrived at the scene to check … Read more