Pope Francis suspended all his audiences due to “a slight flu condition”

2023-11-25 10:17:11 Pope Francis suspended all his scheduled audiences this Saturday due to “a slight flu condition,” the Vatican reported. “The Holy Father’s audiences scheduled for this morning have been canceled due to a slight flu condition,” reported the director of the Holy See Press Office Matteo Bruni in a statement. The pontiff, who will … Read more

Collboni silences a Vox councilor for saying that homosexuals abuse children as much or more than religious people

2023-11-24 15:38:31 Barcelona 11/24/2023 at 16:24 CET “The data on pedophilia in the Church is manipulated and the protocols that the Church applies are harsher on abusers while groups such as politicians, educators or homosexuals have real percentages that are at least equal if not higher and are not on the front page of the … Read more

Remembering Diomedes Díaz: Devotion to the Virgen del Carmen and a Life of Song

2023-07-15 20:16:07 For his devotion, songs and the fervor he professed to the Virgen del Carmen, the vallenato singer Diomedes Díaz is remembered this July 16 in the Caribbean and in Colombia, on this holiday for his song ‘A heavenly song’ among others, which They were also associated with their accordion player Juancho Rois. It … Read more

Residente’s Confession: Unveiling the Controversial ‘Tiraera’ with a Priest’s Blessing

2023-07-12 16:40:23 “Go in peace,” Father Javier told Residente after blessing him for a new “tiraera” or “tiradera” (it doesn’t matter) with a message that would not ordinarily be heard in a church… But this was a confession, and that’s worth it. “Kill them all, turn them into dust, make them pass through the circles … Read more

Who is “Tucho” Fernández, the Cordovan chosen by the Pope to occupy a key position in Rome

2023-07-01 18:01:58 Pope Francis appointed this Saturday the Archbishop of La Plata, Víctor “Tucho” Fernández, in charge of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, the entity in charge of canonical trials for pedophilia, in a task that the pontiff considered “very valuable”. and for which he encouraged him to choose paths other than … Read more

the Catholic Church repudiates its own doctrine of discovery

The Vatican announced it. It means a rejection of the papal edicts of the fifteenth century that authorized the enslavement of indigenous people. The Vatican condemned this Thursday the colonial past of the Catholic Churchby rejecting the “doctrine of discovery” of America and repudiating the papal edicts of the fifteenth century that authorized the enslavement … Read more

Firefighters controls a structural fire that affected the San Borja Church in Santiago | National

Metropolitan region Saturday February 25, 2023 | 21:47 Posted by Tamara Rojas The information is from Fernando Fabres An accident ended without injuries that occurred inside the San Borja de Santiago Church, where 3 fire companies worked to extinguish it. On Saturday night there was a fire in the San Borja Churchlocated in the commune … Read more

Investment fund of Mormon Church is investigated in the US.

US securities authorities are investigating efforts by the Mormon Church to keep its massive investment arm secret for years, a practice it abandoned after a former employee revealed in 2019 that the fund had amassed $100 billion in assets, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported. (‘Today, investment funds are the best option’). The investigation, which … Read more