Laurent Gerra’s column from April 16, 2024

We start with a reminder of the titles, presented today by Xavier De Moulins, hello Xavier: “Hello ladies, hello ladies, hello girls, hello girls, ciao ragazze, let’s go!” Today is World Voice Day: “Well, thank you all for dedicating a World Voice Day to me, I’m flattered.” Sorry Xavier, but it’s World Voice Day from … Read more

game delayed due to bad weather

Due to the heavy precipitation that fell throughout the night in Augusta, the organizers postponed the starts of the first round. Hostilities will not actually begin before 10:30 a.m. (4:30 p.m. in France), instead of 8 a.m. (2 p.m. in France). It was expected. The heavy rain that fell all night in the state of … Read more

Placed “under legal protection”, Jean-Marie Le Pen, 95, could escape his trial

Paris, France | AFP | Wednesday 02/04/2024 – Jean-Marie Le Pen, 95 years old, was placed “under legal protection regime”, a measure which could compromise the participation of the “Menhir” in his trial, scheduled for the fall, in the the affair of European parliamentary assistants. The former president of the National Front (renamed RN) was … Read more

VIDEO – Depression Monica: an isolated village after heavy snowfall in Haute-Loire

Depression Monica, which is sweeping the south of France, has caused heavy rainfall and strong gusts. Ten departments are placed on orange rain-flood, violent wind, flood or avalanche alert. In Haute-Loire, the snow storm completely paralyzed Mont Mézenc, with snowdrifts more than a meter high. Fortunately the snowplow was in front, that helped us a … Read more

“The Voice, Comeback”: Karine or Juliet, who “slapped a real slap” on Camille Lellouche?

Drafted by the surprise coach of this season 13, the two talents continued the adventure behind the scenes. Only one of them was selected to progress to the next stage, in the hope of rejoining the show during the live. Their battle between Jacques Brel and Adele can be discovered on TF1+. It’s time for … Read more