Best Christmas Cookie Recipes by State: Find Your Favorite Holiday Treat!

2023-12-18 08:00:00 Christmas is one week away and families across the country are baking sweets in preparation for of St. Nick. What is the most popular Christmas cookie in Ohio? For the second year in a row, peanut butter blossoms – a peanut butter cookie with chocolate, typically a Hershey’s Kiss, in the middle – … Read more

Guseo Pesto (Raiffeisen)

Zsuzsa Guseo is the candidate for the Raiffeisen special award from the 9th broadcast of the 7th season of “Between Cápák”. Why did you decide to start a business? Aren’t you afraid of uncertainty? It was precisely the uncertainty and vulnerability due to Covid that prompted me to start another business. I have always been … Read more