Traffic Chaos on E313 Antwerp-Liège Motorway: Accidents and Closures Cause Major Delays

2023-11-09 13:04:15 The E313 Antwerp-Liège motorway completely paralyzed following an accident: “I have been inside since 10 a.m.” (photos) Sudinfo.beAn accident between two trucks causes the closure of the E313 in Slins lavenir.netThe E313 Antwerp-Liège motorway closed following an accident between two trucks: queues lasting several hours,… DH Les Sports +See full coverage on Google … Read more

Disastrous Halloween Sports Car Gathering Paralyzes Mons: Organizer and Police Speak Out

2023-10-28 15:17:00 It’s hard to ignore it, this Friday evening there was a gathering of sports cars at the Grand Large in Mons for Halloween. Although the event was intended to be good-natured, the organizers were quickly overwhelmed by the influx of participants. The city of Mons was paralyzed, many motorists found themselves stuck in … Read more

Uncovering the Mysterious Disease Paralyzing Female Students in Kenya: Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-10-05 01:07:46 Al-Marsad newspaper: A mysterious disease spread among female students in Kenya, making the girl paralyzed and unable to move. A state of hysteria spread in one of the schools after 95 female students were paralyzed in their lower limbs without knowing the cause, while the Kenyan Ministry of Health opened an urgent investigation. … Read more

Jamie Foxx’s Mysterious Illness: Is It Linked to the COVID-19 Vaccine?

2023-06-02 12:12:56 American actor Jamie Foxx has had a mysterious illness during the past few months, and although he was discharged from the hospital, press reports recently indicated that his health has deteriorated. Journalist AP Benza claimed that the actor’s health worsened after he suffered a stroke while filming one of his films; This led … Read more

“Family Survives Tragic Giraffe Attack: Support Their Road to Recovery with GoFundMe”

2023-05-22 17:15:00 Last October, 25-year-old Nicole Panos and her family suffered a tragic accident at Kuleni Game Park in native South Africa. As they returned from a relaxing morning in the sun, a giraffe she said was trying to protect her cubs suddenly ran towards them at high speed, giving her only seconds to save … Read more