Salary, application, advancement & benefits as a consultant

Working at the Boston Consulting Group “We have more applicants than ever before,” says Carolin Eistert, partner and head of recruiting at BCG. (Foto: Getty Images) Berlin In this series, we examine well-known employer brands from the company and employee perspective. This time it’s about the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) achieved … Read more

McKinsey, BCG and Bain & Company make billions in the crisis

The Germany heads of the top strategy consultancies Fabian Billing, Walter Sinn and Michael Brigl fight a three-way battle. Düsseldorf The three leading global strategy consultancies increased their sales in Germany by around 20 percent in 2021. And the industry is also expecting strong growth for 2022. McKinsey is still the market leader, just ahead … Read more

Payment service provider Klarna takes back fees

Payment service provider Klarna takes back fees

Klarna advertising The Swedish payment service provider Klarna is adapting payment methods in favor of consumers. Industry observers believe that Klarna anticipates possible regulation. (Foto: mauritius images / Robert Evans / Alamy) Frankfurt While banks usually constantly increase fees, Klarna is becoming more generous with its conditions. At the beginning of the week, the Swedish fintech … Read more

Made in Germany – but sustainable!

We live in a time of upheaval. Today’s decisions affect the lives of future generations like never before – keyword: climate change. Current investments determine the future of Made in Germany. As an industrialized country, we may still be a role model for many other countries. But when it comes to digitization, we are one … Read more

How good is Tesla’s new super battery?

Struggle for better batteries So far, LFP batteries have mainly been used in the low-price segment by Chinese manufacturers such as BYD or CATL, but now Tesla is also increasingly relying on them. (Photo: Klawe Things) Düsseldorf, Lyon Production at the Tesla plant in Grünheide should start in a few weeks. The Tesla boss Elon … Read more

Europe’s banks are sticking to branches

Financial district in Frankfurt am Main German banks are closing more and more bank branches – the European competition is much more cautious when it comes to thinning out branch networks. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt While some German banks are planning a significant reduction in branches, the financial institutions in other countries want to largely maintain … Read more